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The Timestalker series follows the adventures of Kannon Dupree a private investigator licensed to use the time portal operated by the National Time Administration.

In each book Kannon visits a different exotic time and location in order to solve a mystery. The first instalment - 'Gladiatrix' - is set in ancient Rome.

If you like:
  • your female detectives daring and resolute
  • your heroine liable to get herself in way over her head but smart enough to dig her way out
  • your romance hot and dangerous
  • exciting journeys to exotic times and places, all without leaving your chair
  • cliffhangers with a touch of humour
  • if you want to see the answer to some of the great unsolved mysteries in history revealed
then Kannon Dupree Timestalker - the new series about a time travelling detective - is your first class ticket to adventure.